Our job is to understand client goals, offer creative and realistic production solutions, and bring them to reality while building loyal client relationships.

Sue DePalma-
Co-Founder & Executive Producer


Sue DePalma is a communications professional with over 25 years of experience in serving Fortune 500 companies with their video production, event management, and creative development needs. She has expertise in live and taped multi-camera directing, live stage managing, technical direction, and meeting production... with responsibilities for overall event look, technical, and budgetary success.

Blackpoint Creative has a network of the best production professionals in the business. We work with producers, directors, writers, set designers, technicians, web developers, photographers, transmission specialists, event coordinators...and YOU...to bring a coordinated and cohesive approach to your business.

Ed DePalma-
Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Ed DePalma is a video producer, television and live event director with over 3 decades experience. He has directed everything from sporting events to product launches, and corportate town hall events. Ed has considerable expertise in video transmission using fiber, satellite and IP solutions. He is expert in Webcasting and managing 2 way video projects and events.